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But many organizations still focus their diversity and inclusion efforts on women, or at best, invite men to attend events deed for women.

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And men who want to be allies can focus on listening, support, and respect. By creating events aimed at men, they hope to include men in discussions around gender equity in the workplace, and make organizational diversity efforts more successful. But today, too many organizations still miss the mark on gender equity efforts by focusing gender initiatives solely on changing women — from the way they network to the way they lead. Without the avid support of men, often the most powerful stakeholders in most large corporations, ificant progress toward ending gender disparities is unlikely.

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But including men in diversity efforts is not as simple as inviting them to a gender-equity event. These efforts often reveal reluctance, if not palpable anxiety among targeted men. Understanding that is important to changing the system. We define male allies as members of an advantaged group committed to building relationships with women, expressing as little sexism in their own behavior as possible, understanding the social privilege conferred by their gender, and demonstrating active efforts to address gender inequities at work and in society.

Debra Meyerson and Megan Tompkins refer to such men as tempered radicals — they are catalysts for change, challenging organizational structures that disadvantage women while remaining committed to the success of the organization.

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While some research has shown that white men face no penalty for promoting diversity, other studies suggest that there can be a cost to acting as an ally. New research reveals that men perceived as less self-promoting and more collaborative and power-sharing are evaluated by both men and women as less competent and, not incidentally, less masculine.

Egalitarian men can feel the backlash effects of stigma-by-association — perceived as being similar to women by advocating for them. This is more likely in organizations where people endorse a zero-sum perspective on gender equality.

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Backlash against male allies is a real possibility. Self-professed male allies can also face criticism from the women they try to ally with. At one recent conference for women in technology, a Bingo card was circulated by women in the audience just before a panel composed of men on the topic of male allyship. The — seemingly cynical — objective? First, these gatherings have historically offered women a sense of community and camaraderie, a safe space for sharing experiences and formulating strategies for achieving equality in the workplace. This relational community is inestimably important and men need to respect it.

We have to call you a champion just to get you to be fair, respectful, and inclusive? This Pedestal Effect in which men are given special treatment and shout outs for even small acts of gender equality is understandably grating for women who for years have done the emotional labor and carried the load for equality with nary a man in sight.

Third, there is the problem of the Fake Male Feminist. You know this guy. He slings on feminism like a superhero cape when his boss is watching, to impress — or worse, seduce — women, or to avoid being labeled as sexist despite his pattern of sexist behavior. As Martin Luther King once reflected, shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will.

Women who want to dismantle Any sincere women systems will be well-served by appreciating the wide variation among male allies and the factors most likely to help them get better at collaborating with women to shrink gender disparities. Diversity consultant Jennifer Brown recognizes that not all male allies are equally evolved. She frames allyship on a continuumranging from apathetic clueless and disinterested regarding gender issues to aware has some grasp of the issues but not at all active or engaged in addressing them to active well-informed and willing to engage in gender equity efforts, but only when asked to advocate routinely and proactively champions gender inclusion.

We just want them in the fight! The evidence is in. The more positive interaction men have with women in professional settings, the less prejudice and exclusion they tend to demonstrate. Evidence reveals that gender-parity efforts are most effective when men believe they have a dignified and important role to play, that transformation in the workplace is something they can share in. The motivation for this role is often tied to personal examples and a sense of fairness and justice.

Moreover, when allies feel accepted by the disadvantaged group they endeavor to support, their internal motivation to participate is bolstered. These are best practices for men who want to be better collaborators with women. You have 1 free article s left this month. You are reading your last free article for this month.

Subscribe for unlimited access. Focus on listening, support, and respect. Brad Johnson and David G. on Gender. David G. He is the coauthor, with W. Partner Center.

Any sincere women

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