Argentina with the girls

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In Argentina, two-thirds of those under 18 who are married or living with a partner are female, whether children or adolescents, with their male partners on average at least 10 to15 years older, according to new research.

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Aroundgirls are in this vulnerable situation, which is all too frequent but not mainly for questions of culture, habit or identity. The remaining third of underage marriages or partnerships are males with only a year or two of age difference in these cases. A total of 4.

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The report, carried out on the basis of census demographic data, analyses the relationship of these unions with key factors like school dropouts, teen mothers and increasing gender violence. It is forced if one or both do not freely consent. The analysis places Argentina in its regional context, bearing in mind that Latin America is the region where child marriages and cohabitation have grown fastest in recent years.

By province, the research highlights that Misiones 7.

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The existing cultural and ancestral mandates persist in many provinces while gender stereotypes contribute to these marriages or other forms of union at an early age being persistently seen as natural by society. While cultural and ethic factors influence the Northeast and the Northwest, it is difficult to know to what degree those factors continue weighing in other areas.

Of the calls which telephone line received last year from girls under 18, half were for violencia exercised by past or present couples.

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Fine return to action for Scaloni's heroes. Norberto Oyarbide, controversial and flamboyant former judge, dies aged Argentina cruise to win against Venezuela in World Cup qualifier.

Argentine Girls.

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Argentina with the girls

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