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AP News Taxonomy. AP Subject. AP Geography. AP Person. AP Organization. AP Company. AP Event. Additional Classification Metadata. Profile ItemContentType. AP Category Code. AP Supplemental Category. AP News Taxonomy is a comprehensive classification system for English-language news content that includes standardized subjects, geographic locations, people, organizations and publicly traded companies.

AP Classification system automatically enriches news content with all the relevant metadata tags from the News Taxonomy. Accurate and relevant metadata tags. AP Classification of news content goes well beyond mere text extraction; it uses human-created semantic rules to Athletic swm for nsa the content and accurately identify pertinent concepts and topics.

AP's rules use contextual information to disambiguate concepts; for example, an article about Portland, Oregon will receive the 'Portland, Oregon' tag and not the 'Portland, Maine' tag, even if Oregon is not mentioned in the text. Frequent, timely metadata updates. AP metadata is continuously updated to capture the latest news and the biggest newsmakers. Breaking news events and related entities are added as the event unfolds, so news content is tagged, searchable and can be aggregated programmatically by breaking news event; for example, Fort McMurray wildfire.

Even before the event tag is added, you can easily identify breaking news content by the Subject and Geography terms - Wildfires and Alberta in this example. AP Subject over 4, terms covers a wide variety of topics from broad like Crime to specific concepts like Illegal Firearmsbreaking news events like Hurricane Matthew and recurring events like Academy Awards. For more information, see a complete list of AP Subject terms. AP Geography over 2, terms contains geographic place names from continents, world regions and countries to major world cities and a large of US cities and towns.

For more information, see a complete list of AP Geography terms. Location type generic type label such as "City," "Country" or "Region". AP Person overterms covers individual newsmakers at the global and US national level, including celebrities, politicians, sports figures, business leaders, royalty and more. Person type main category for each named individual. Team for team athletes and coaches only. The team s on which an athlete plays. The team values and codes are available as part of the list of AP Organization terms. Represents a relationship between a person and a current event, typically, the person's participation in or some ificant contribution to the event; for example, a player's participation in FIFA World Cup.

NEWSMAKER newsmaking people who do not fit into othersuch as scientists, lawyers, religious leaders, activists, academics, military personnel, criminals, crime victims and people who make news because of their relationship to a famous person. World Cup Metadata Guide. AP Organization over 2, terms includes government and non-profit organizations, sports teams, colleges, universities, political groups, cultural Athletic swm for nsa professional organizations.

For more information, see a complete list of AP Organization terms. AP Company over 65, terms covers public companies with shares traded on the major global and American stock exchanges. For non-U. Code for the stock exchange the security is traded on one or more per company. Combination of the exchange and ticker, separated by a colon one or more per company. One or more industries related to the company.

Developing news events, such as The Latest, AP's special editorial representation of developing news stories. For more information, see The Latest - Developing Stories. The logical editorial type of the content item, used primarily for text and audio. Provides a processing hint to applications that allows them to quickly determine the content type for inclusion or exclusion in product groups or automated processes. Scheduled or ad-hoc messages not for publication.

Used for scheduled digests and coverage advisories, as well as package advisories and coverage plans tied to specific planned or breaking news events. Statistical data generally, although not exclusively, used for sports, financial markets and economic data. A regular feature written by the same person or a substitute about a specific subject or topic, with or without an opinion included. A list of upcoming events that the AP may not necessarily be covering.

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Not for publication. Stories that are NOT focused on a breaking news angle, but are a feature, workup or trend story. It can include stories that have an incidental spot angle, but whose overall focus is big-picture. Also used for a biography of a person or a company, or a feature story focused on one person, as well as for archival text, such as the AP Was There series. Long headlines with links to full text of the top stories, as chosen by editors in a particular category.

Short headlines with links to full text of the top stories, as chosen by editors in a particular category. Major investigative work or enterprise journalism. This includes AP Exclusives or other such stories that others are not reporting, even if there is no immediate spot angle. A series of short points or items such as Today in History or 10 Things to Know series. Lottery. Lottery only does not include stories about lotteries or lottery winners.

The first two paragraphs and links to full text and associated pictures of the top stories, as chosen by editors in a particular category. A point of view, advice, evaluation or judgment expressed by an editor, journalist or a subject-matter expert. Used for editorial roundups. A text file aggregating and describing a collection of photos. Includes photo essays. Press Release. A text or multi-media item providing non-journalistic information to the news media from a PR, government or corporate organization.

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An item that reports on a developing story with a series of chronological updates. Used for The Latest and other ongoing events, such as sports matches or tournaments. Sports Scores. An item containing in-progress or end of game scoring statistical information.

Spot Development. A report on an event or news item that happened today, or that we are learning about today that needs to be reported immediately. An audio recording of a newsmaker talking, also known as a sound bite.

Question and Answer Session. An audio recording of an interview, typically between a producer and a correspondent or stringer, about stories they are covering. Raw Sound. An audio recording of nonverbal sounds, also known as "natural sound," "ambient sound," or "production sound. Response to a Question. An audio recording of a newsmaker responding to a question. An audio correspondent report recorded at the scene of a news event. The reporter does the report with the sounds of the event audible in the background. An audio correspondent report in which you hear only the voice of the correspondent.

An audio correspondent report that incorporates the voices of both correspondent and newsmaker. Generally, the reporter introduces the newsmaker, the newsmaker says a few words, and the reporter then finishes out the story. Named sets of regularly occurring content or features with a predictable focus; for example, "Financial Impact," "Film Reviews," "10 Things to Know," "Sports Briefs. Domestic general news items, including local Washington news of national interest.

Food, diet. For use primarily on standing advance features on food, recipes and the like. Frequently used with stories in the Lifestyles package. News copy, regardless of dateline, deed primarily for use on financial s. International items, including stories from the United Nations, U. Lottery only. Stories about lotteries or lottery winners carry standard news category codes. Material deed primarily for editorial and op-ed s. Not used on national DataStream services.

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Stories of state or regional interest under domestic datelines, including general news stories with Washington or international datelines. If a regional item is deed primarily for financial s, the f category is used, and if it is deed primarily for the sports s, the s category is used. Weather tables and forecast fixtures. Do not use on weather stories. National political copy. Generally used in months before an election. Used only for result or period score of a single sports event.

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The code is deed to help newspaper computer systems build a list of scores or ignore individual scores and wait for transmissions that group them. Advisories about stories that may carry any of the category letters. This code is also used for news digests and news advisories. Washington-datelined stories handled by the Washington national news desk.

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