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Most of us have jobs that keep us away from the house for at least eight hours a day. For some dogs, the answer is definitely yes. So how can we prevent dog boredom? Dogs are intelligent animals, and some breeds more than others.

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Border collies, German shepherds, golden retrievers, and poodles are among the most intelligent breeds, and these guys and gals need stimulation. In fact, most of these dogs were bred to complete a job. Bored dogs might just be dogs that want a job! Pro tip: agility classes are great for dogs like these. Psychologist Dr. Stanley Coren has authored many books on dog psychology and says the most important stimuli for dogs include:. Say it with us: a tired dog is a good dog! Bored dogs often have a lot of pent-up energy.

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Give them enough physical activity, though, and the same dogs will be pooped and more likely to spend the rest of the day napping. Another option is scheduling your dog for doggy daycare a few times a week.

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The socialization and mental stimulation of doggy day care will keep your dog engaged and busy. Turning mealtime into a game will help keep your dog entertained.

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Try a slow feeder dishstuff some peanut butter or wet food into a classic Kongor let your dog knock around a treat dispensing ball filled with part of his dinner or small low calorie treats. The same old toys get boring after a while. And they prefer the soft, squeaky kind.

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Bored dogs will look for inappropriate toys, so giving them a variety of approved playthings will help keep them out of the trash. You can also hide toys around the house or yard.

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Tough squeaky stuffiesstuffing-less extra-tough toys, and squishy puzzle toys are all great toys to keep back to hide for special occasions. DOGTV that is.

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Bored dogs are often solo dogs. Get help from a certified dog behaviorist or trainer before bringing home a second furry family member.

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Yes, dogs get bored. Try some cool new toys or puzzles to keep your dog engaged and, of course, exercise always helps. Bored dogs can benefit from puzzle feeders like the KONG.

Bored and looking for a female

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