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For more information, visit mywildalberta. Over 10, Youth and 39, Senior Wildlife Certificates were sold. Almost youth and Senior hunters took advantage of this opportunity allowing them to hunt elk, moose, bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope and wild turkey. Madatory Harvest and Effort Reporting It is now a condition of holding a special licence to report hunter harvest and effort. Visit AlbertaRelm. Harvest and effort information is essential to providing resource managers indicators of overall wildlife populations.

Without this information, the department must rely on more intensive and costly wildlife surveys. Congratulations to the lucky hunter that has been awarded a free special licence just for completing their hunter harvest and effort survey!

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Hunters will continue to be entered for a chance to win a special licence hunting opportunity for either a Moose, Mule Deer, Antelope or Elk for each harvest and effort survey completed. Please visit mywildalberta. Hunters are reminded to ensure that they are familiar with the hunting regulations and season dates for the areas and species that they plan to hunt. InEnforcement Officers took over hunting related enforcement actions. The top 5 offenses were: 1.

Unlawful possession of wildlife 2. Hunt without a licence 3. Hunt during a closed season 5. The department has initiated a 3-year pilot voluntary black bear tooth collection program in two parts of the province. Data generated from laboratory tooth analysis will allow biologists to determine black bear age structure, reproductive statistics, and better inform black bear management. Laboratory aging of an animal is based on the cementum annuli growth in the tooth.

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Fish and Wildlife are asking successful hunters to take the skull to an identified Fish and Wildlife office where staff will extract a premolar tooth. The premolar tooth is a small peg-like tooth located just behind the canines. Skulls submitted in a frozen state will be kept for a period of time to allow for thaw and extraction, whereupon the skull will be frozen and returned to the hunter. Extraction of a premolar tooth will not impair the display quality of a skull. Alternatively, hunters can extract a premolar tooth in the field or request it of a taxidermist.

The tooth can either be presented with the necessary harvest information to an identified Fish and Wildlife office or mailed in using a tooth submission envelope. Extraction is easily done just after the bear has been harvested when the jaw is still pliable. The tooth is easily loosened by running a knife blade on all sides of the tooth below the gum line and rocking the tooth back and forth.

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The tooth can then be removed with pliers. Care should be taken to ensure the root remains intact.

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Ensure that the tooth is free of tissue and dry prior to submission. When available, for each tooth will be accessible online under your WiN on the My Wild Alberta website mywildalberta. Only WMUs,,,,,,, and are open to this program. Some species of wildlife are banded, collared or marked by other means in an ongoing effort to gain additional population biology information.

Some of these marked wildlife, as well as certain nuisance animals e. Any such animal will be marked with a tag advising that the meat of the animal should not be consumed before contacting Fish and Wildlife of Alberta Environment and Parks. Band recovery can also be reported by internet at the website reportband.

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Chronic wasting disease CWD is a chronic degenerative and ultimately fatal prion disease of cervids primarily mule deer in Alberta. It is not known to infect humans but health authorities advise against eating any animal known to have any prion disease. Up to date information, including maps of cases is available on our wildlife disease web s at alberta. Hunters and outfitters play a key role in assisting big game management by helping to reduce deer s and by providing he from harvested deer for the ongoing CWD surveillance program.

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Alberta began looking for CWD in wild deer in the hunting seasons in Since then, we have tested over 95, he and have found CWD in 3, mule deer, white-tailed deer, 13 elk, and 3 moose. Note : It is a mandatory requirement to submit the head of all DEER harvested in the following WMUs:,,,as modified in,,and Antlers and skull plate can be removed from bucks before the head is submitted.

Put the two bags in a third bag and freeze.

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All he for testing, including samples as abovemust have a green CWD label which gives each head a unique identification. Where possible, debone meat making sure you keep the required evidence of sex and species. Hunters may prefer to avoid the spinal cord when deboning. Leave remainder of carcass at the kill site.

If the carcass is transported elsewhere, remove all useable meat, then burn, bury, or dispose of the remains in a landfill. For more information about potential human health risks associated with CWD contact health authorities. The wild game public health advisory for the Swan Hills area — originally issued on December 13,by the Provincial Health Officer — has been revised as a result of more extensive wild game testing.

While recent test confirm that eating wild game from the Swan Hills area poses no immediate threat to human health, it is recommended that individuals limit the amount of wild game eaten. It is valid during the general season in the following WMUs:,,and This licence is not valid during a season in which a Special Licence is required. In the Alberta Guide to Hunting Regulations, special licences are required for all seasons where a small black box is located beside the season date.

Both tags are valid for tagging a deer s hunted in any of the following WMUs:,,,,,, and It is a general licence and is valid during a general season archery or rifle. Because it is a general licence, it can not be used during the rifle season in WMUsand a special licence is required. You may not be able to purchase a particular general licence once you have been drawn for a special licence of that same species. See licence combinations. The publisher is responsible for the content of this publication, and is d by Alberta Environment and Parks to publish the summary of the hunting regulations contained herein.

Copyright in Provincial Statutes and Regulations, whether in print or electronic format, belongs to the Province of Alberta. The contents of this website are provided free-of-charge to all hunters in Alberta. With the exception of short quotations for review purposes, no portion of this document may be reproduced without written permission from Alberta Environment and Parks or Sports Scene Publications Incorporated. Website by SportS scene Publications Inc. Additional Information. For more information visit: Alberta.

Free sex Swan Hills

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