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Planning a virtual happy hour should be exciting. Before we can jump into the fun stuff like theming and party games, we need to make sure we have our event planning bases covered. Think about how many people you want to attend your virtual happy hour.

Consider the date, time, and reason for your virtual get-together. These kinds of events are a great way to celebrate a team member's birthday, acknowledge a target or milestone, host a holiday partyor mark a fun day like National Pizza Day or Halloween.

Your invite could be as simple as sending a quickbut make it stand out with fun graphics, bright colors, and a call to action. For an easier and more interesting way to send out invites and collect RSVPs, consider sending digital invitations. Video calls are part of the norm these days, which makes finding the right platform for your happy hour a breeze.

Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Skype are all good options for your virtual team get-together. All your guests need to is their computer or phone, and a webcam. Most of the time, these simple video call platforms are perfect for virtual happy hours. Take a look at our guide to the best virtual event platforms to help you find the right tool. It also adds another distinction between business meetings and social team-building time.

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An easy way to find a great theme is to think about the reason behind your happy hour. Most of your go-to office party themes translate into virtual happy hours too. You could throw an 80s-inspired virtual happy hour with retro accessories and a hit playlist, or ask everyone to you in character for a Clue-inspired happy hour. Party games and activities can be a little hit and miss. Not everyone wants to play charades or take part in drinking games. The best way to keep your party guests engaged is to make them feel welcome. Here are a few simple yet effective ways to do just that.

Reduce FOMO and help your attendees avoid distractions by scheduling your event at the right time. You know your team best, so consider their unique needs when you plan the date and time of your get-together. Think about the team's schedules, responsibilities, and work style. What looks like a 4pm happy hour for some of your guests could be mid-morning for others, so make it both cocktail and coffee friendly. The best way to find the right time for your video chat is to ask your guests. Use Hoppier to set up and send out virtual credit cards for your team members.

They can treat themselves to their favorite beer and burger, or order coffee and a slice of cake. Here's how it works:.

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When you set up your virtual happy hour credit cards, you can add personal touches like your company logo, company colors, or a happy hour icon. Once your program has the look you want, you'll get down to the finer details like setting a spending limit for your guests. But, any amount of spending money will help your guests enjoy the event — so, base this decision on your budget. If you can afford more, set your budget high and encourage guests to treat themselves to a nice bottle of wine or barrel-aged whiskey. You can also set a time limit on the funds, allowing your team to order drinks and snacks before the event.

Any money they don't spend within the time frame will get refunded, so you can add it back to your company budget. You can also leave the time frame open as a gift to your attendees after the event. You can set limits on which vendors team members can buy from. You can limit your vendors based on broad like alcohol stores, restaurants, or grocery stores, or you can choose specific vendors like Minibar and DoorDash.

You can also leave it open so guests can decide where to spend their happy hour money. When you set your vendors, keep in mind that not everyone drinks alcohol. Consider adding coffee shops, bakeries, and dessert options alongside your adult beverage options.

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You've already sent invites to the event — now, surprise your guests with an invite to their virtual credit card. Hoppier makes this step easy. You can a CSV file with all your guests' addresses. Then, write your own or use an invitation template to get your cards sent out quickly. Once each guest s the program, they'll get their own Hoppier card to spend at local stores.

With vendors all over the world, even distributed team members can find food and drinks in their area. So, everyone will be able to enjoy the perks of virtual happy hour. You might be celebrating a work related milestone, but keep the chat at your virtual happy hour light and as work-free as possible. As a starting point, stick to simple talking points like current events, movies and TV, and hobbies, and let conversation flow naturally.

Never again worry about whether people will tune out during your virtual happy hour. Find the perfect activities and games for your virtual get-together here. Get to know your coworkers with a virtual show and tell. To kick-off the session, ask team members to show an item and talk about it. Here are a few prompts you can use as a topic for your next virtual show and tell:. That way, they can prepare something fun to share.

Let your team members share these unique talents with the group. This is a great little icebreaker, and your confident coworkers will love the chance to demonstrate their skills. If your group is less confident, swap this for a mini challenge where you all attempt a weird skill together instead.

Choose a party theme where everyone dresses as their favorite character, or plan a theme based on a movie, TV show, anime, or trend. Here are some fun costume party theme ideas:. Not everyone has a costume in their closet, so give your guests plenty of notice — and offer some ideas in the form of a lookbook. This free Chrome extension lets you sync up video and watch together — with a chat feature so you can talk plot points or react to bad jokes in real-time.

Add in a drinking game, and you have a chill, non-traditional happy hour. Create a bingo card based on your party theme, or choose one of these easy prompts to de a fun game:. Add in a few different ways to win — like straight lines, inside or outside boxes, and of course the full house. Take the drinking part of happy hour one step further and invite your guests along to a live virtual mixology class. Invite an expert mixologist to teach your team how to make different cocktails and mocktails.


Stick to classics like margaritas and mojitos, or ask them to come up with a ature drink for your brand. Share an ingredients list with your party guests the week before, and give them a virtual Hoppier card so they can order what they need. Invite your coworkers to you on an adventure through a fantasy world or help you solve a murder mystery with a board game night. Choose something simple like Codenames or Pictionary to start things off, or opt for a more intense game like Lords of Waterdeep or Pandemic if your group is more experienced. Some of your guests might find it challenging to play a physical board game remotely.

Most board games have online versions you can play together instead.

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For example, Colonist is a free online alternative to the popular Catan. If you find this virtual happy hour really popular, you could transition it into a regular weekly event after work. Virtual pub trivia sessions give you the perfect combination of entertaining and unusual facts.

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For instance, did you know that Jerry Seinfeld decided to pull the plug on Seinfeld after nine seasons because the Beatles broke up after nine years? Stick to a short, general trivia game, or play your game in multiple rounds and make it the star of your happy hour. Here are some trivia theme ideas:.

You could also get your coworkers involved in setting up the quiz. Ask everyone to contribute a round of quiz questions based on their personal interests. Your party guests will be hunting for items around their home, so keep this in mind as you build your scavenger hunt list.

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Stick to easy to find items or ask them to find things based on a descriptor like a color, texture, size, or shape. Challenge your music-loving coworkers to see who's the best at recognizing a tune with a "guess the song" game. Set up a collaborative playlist on Spotify, and ask everyone to add songs to it. When happy hour rolls around, hit play, and see who can guess the song the fastest. If your coworkers have really varied taste in music, stick to a general theme to make it easier — like a certain decade or genre of music. If you have an active book club at your company, transform your usual meetings into a virtual happy hour.

You can have a lot of fun with this and choose your books based around the main themes, locations, or times covered. Virtual happy hours are one of the best ways to bring people together, build friendships, and reward your coworkers with some fun. Perfect your planning basics, choose a theme, and create a schedule using these activity ideas. Help your event run smoothly by using Hoppier to send your coworkers a stipend to buy drinks, and you'll have all the ingredients for an engaging virtual happy hour.

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Cover Your Bases Before we can jump into the fun stuff like theming and party games, we need to make sure we have our event planning bases covered. Choose a Platform Video calls are part of the norm these days, which makes finding the right platform for your happy hour a breeze. Choose Your Activities Party games and activities can be a little hit and miss. Cover the Drinks and Snacks. Easily provide lunch for all your virtual attendees Schedule a demo. Related content. How to increase engagement with sales incentives for customers. The ultimate guide to improving customer engagement with virtual events.

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Happy hour looking for fun

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Virtual Happy Hour: Everything You Need To Plan a Fun Event