I have wanted you for years

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Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard. The right people—the ones who really belong in your life—will come to you.

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And stay. One of my biggest blogging goals is to take complex concepts about living a more positive life, and streamline them in hopes of making it easier for thousands maybe millions, one day? When I replied back to her and told her about my speaking topic the importance of positivity in the workplaceI could tell that she thought my topic was hokey, lame, or both by her half-hearted response:.

Yep, I knew exactly what that meant. One of my buddies, who is also a conference speaker, asked me if I was going to follow-up with her. A few days later, I was coincidentally asked by a former guest blogger of mine to speak in front of a large audience of healthcare leaders on the exact same topic. Afterward, a large line of people formed to chat with me after the speech. I know that I want to be wanted.

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Going down that road will only succeed in making you look pathetic, desperate, and more than a little stalker-ish. I wish that someone hit me over the head with these truths when I did every single one of the things listed above. What is so broken inside of you that you are willing to accept these crumbs as the best life has to offer you?

One of my best friends asked me that exact question after I crawled back to my ex-girlfriend and begged her to stay with me after I caught her cheating on me. Pathetic, I know. But something was broken in me then, and it was that question that made me realize it. Dead wrong. If so, jump into the comments below and make your voice heard! I just realized it this week, so your message is incredibly timely.

Thank you for the validation, encouragement, and for sharing your story. I am worth more than crumbs… time to truly realize that and move on.

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Perfectly said, PhillyL! Without reciprocity, there really is no relationship. I cannot even begin to express how many times I needed to experience that lesson before it finally sunk in. Like you said, when we love ourselves, we will not allow ourselves to remain in situations that cause us consistent pain and distress. I have a multi — generational dysfunctional family — laced with alcoholism and mental illness. My father was my biggest cheerleader and when he died — the rest of the family turned on me like vipers. I am in recovery and my brother are in recovery — the rest of the family is not.

Vehemently against it any recovery — and ridicule — make sarcastic remarks and humiliate me because I have sought therapy and step recovery and meditation and a Buddhist way of living………but all of those things have allowed me to survive this viperous older sister — who is an active alcoholic and her husband who seemingly control all of the nieces and nephews with money and a place to stay.

They are in a central place in a University town that all of our family has attended. I live in California. I am detached from them — and I hope it is forever. I am not wanted- loved or even cared about……. I almost killed myself over this — and today…………I am alive and walking down a different road. Thank you BB. Unfortunately, they are incapable of giving you the love and acceptance that you deserve.

When I had to deal with a particularly toxic person in my life, I finally cut the cord and accepted that I would have to give myself the apologies that she should have given to me. Strangely enough, that thought gave me a lot of peace, and more importantly, it gave me my power back. Best of luck to you Barb, and like I said earlier, love them from a distance. Thank you for re-posting this, it is so important.

In stepping away, I had sadness and it took a while to get used to not trying and participating and being up for yet another family holiday gathering — but I also felt this huge freedom and my self-esteem grew and grew. I wish them the best and I will be there if they need me but otherwise I am free and happy with only people who care genuinely in my life.

Great thanks, Shola! Your lessons are very important for me and I really enjoy improving them into my own life. A few weeks ago I lost my mobile phone… contacts, messages and photos… and that was so beautiful gift of freedom! I had nearly contacts. So, my experience is in agreement with your words:. Olenka, that is a gift! You actually inspired me to do the same no, not lose my phone, just delete many of never-used contacts :.

It all about giving your best to the relationships that deeply matter to you. Well done! Shola I could not agree more with this post. To be perfectly honest, I did not have a breakthrough of understanding. Actually, I was emotionally exhausted. Exhausted with trying to be wanted at my job, by a bunch of asshole fake friends, by mean-spirited family members. Out of sheer exhaustion, and to save my sanity, I just let it all go. Quite the opposite happened. I feel great!

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And just as you say, once I let go of all that, there was so much room left for those who do celebrate me, who want me, and who make sure I know it. Donna, that is the power of letting it all go! Props to you for figuring it out when you did! Excellent post, Shola. It took me a long time to learn and appreciate this rule. For years, I would long to be included in a particular group, and would beat myself up that I never fit in. Years… sadly, the group is my own family.

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The good news is I have moved on. I can love my family from afar, but because of the way they make me feel unwelcome I choose not to try to fit in any more. I am so glad your message is here to bless us all, every Monday. Thank you for the hard work and passion.

You are very, very welcome in my life! Thanks Kathy! And good for you for moving on. You have always been a model of inner strength to me, and this is another one of your countless examples. The game of trying to fit in and be accepted is too damn exhausting for this old man :. I feel like this was written just for me.

Make It To Me - Sam Smith (lyrics)

Thank you for the honesty and positive kick in the arse that I needed!! So true, Cara—there are plenty of places where you are wanted just the way you are. You are so welcome for the arse kick, and if you ever need another one lovingly, of courseyou know where to find me!

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This is a timely post for me as well. I always make the plans, and I always do the long distance driving to get together. Amen to that! Congrats on finally getting that clue! Thanks for sharing your path to my journey Shola — you are truly one of a kind. That is such an amazing compliment and that truly means a lot to me. So far, so good because I somehow attracted fabulous people like you to this blog! Today, I told myself to stop chasing.

This article came just in time. I feel very very lost and very very stuck right now. I would greatly appreciate any tips and suggestions.

I have wanted you for years

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