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While Lee Soo Man is no longer the CEO of SM Entertainment, reing from the board of directors in to focus on overseas expansion and the development of new business and artists, he does still own the largest stake in the company.

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Confused about what all these terms mean? Stock is the collective term for all the shares in a company, while your stake is the percentage of shares that you own.

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The largest shareholder right now is Lee Soo Man, who owns As such, the remaining owners have far less influence and power than Lee Soo Man. The biggest shareholders following Lee Soo Man are:. The remaining BoA SM Entertainment.

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According to investment bankers, Lee Soo Man has been attempting to sell his stake in SM Entertainment since after revealing that he has no intention of passing down his shares to his children. So, by selling his shares to an entertainment or media company, Lee Soo Man can help secure a brighter future for SM Entertainment.

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On top of that, a second reason for the sale has been proposed. However, if there is no majority shareholder—which is the case at SM Entertainment—the company or individual with the largest portion of the shares becomes the controlling shareholder.

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SM Entertainment. Controlling shareholders have ificant influence, leverage, and power; they can push for seats on the board, overturn votes, and generally take ownership of operations and decisions.

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Ultimately, there are a few possible outcomes to this situation. One is that either Naver or Kakao Entertainment could acquire the full Alternatively, Lee Soo Man may decide to only share a portion of his shares, which may see him remain the controlling shareholder. Or, failing all this, Lee Soo Man may retain his entire stake or choose to sell the shares to another company.

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That said, right now, Kakao Entertainment and Naver are definitely the strongest contenders. View All 4.


View Dark Theme. SM Entertainment Share Acquisition.

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I need sm right now

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