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Marshawn Lynch is a jerk. Lynch, star running back of the Seattle Seahawks and former UC Berkeley phenom, is all of these things and more—if the various media portrayals are to be believed. For the last two years, Lynch has been giving the media the stiff arm.

For his silence, he has been fined by the NFL and pilloried by scorned journalists. And all of this while the Seahawks have made back-to-back trips to the Super Bowl thanks in no small part to Lynchbringing an avalanche of media attention his way. Undeterred, the sports press has stepped into the void and conjured a variety of Marshawns—everything from heel to hero, each incarnation revealing at least as much about the reporter, and the state of sports journalism, as about Lynch himself. He is famous for a spectacular run made during a playoff game against the New Orleans Saints in which he broke 9 tackles on his way to a yard touchdown.

Teammates and coaches, both past and present, have called him hardworking, fun-loving, and humble. His fan base extends down the West Coast to his hometown of Oakland, to which he is fiercely loyal. He is well known for visiting schools and contributing to charitable causes there, including the one he cofounded with his high school teammate and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joshua Johnson: Fam 1st Family Foundation, a mentorship program for Oakland .

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Lynch tells frustrated reporters that if they want a conversation, come see him in Oakland. So how did this seemingly likeable star become a media bad guy? The seeds of the dysfunctional relationship may have been sown early on. Lynch grew up poor in a rough part of North Oakland, raised almost entirely by his devoted mother. He says he became distrustful—a side effect of having an unreliable, largely absent father. In three seasons with the Bears, he became the second all-time career rusher and in was named Pac Offensive Player of the Year.

Lynch was drafted by the Buffalo Bills after his junior year at Cal, and he hit the ground running, posting 1,plus yards rushing in each of his first two seasons. But a few incidents off the field during those years made headlines. Inhe pleaded guilty to a hit-and-run violation. The NFL suspended him for three games, and sports reporters wondered whether Lynch had become a liability for the Bills.

I would like to see some of the mistakes they would make. Fast forward to Media Day, January All players and coaches are contractually mandated to attend. By this point, Lynch, a Seahawk since being traded inhad established himself both as one of the top talents in the NFL and as a media mute. Was raised like that. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was unconcerned. But many in the sporting press were livid. Increased cooperation has not led to increased substance, however.

Lynch talked about his aversion to spitting out worn platitudes, in comments to nfl. As a running back, it takes five offensive linemen, a tight end, a fullback, and possibly two wide receivers in order to make my job successful. In response, Lynch devised a new tactic.

The Seahawks fought their way to a second straight Super Bowl inand Lynch once again found himself in the spotlight. Perhaps the most surprising defense of Lynch came from Gregg Doyel, the man who had berated Lynch the year before. You know who does? His teammates. His coaches. It was a rare and admirable moment of self-reflection, perhaps a that writers might finally recognize Marshawn for what he is: a kid from Oakland who grew up to become one of the most thrilling athletes in the world—and one who no longer wants to play the somewhat humiliating off-the-field game the media and the league demand of him.

There are more than 1, players in the NFL, after all. Man, I want to hug him. Correction: An earlier version of this story reported that Marshawn Lynch was arrested after a hit-and-run incident. In fact, Mr. Lynch was not arrested in that incident. He did plead guilty to the charge, however, and his was revoked. The Graduate Wine Collective. Shop CAA. Race and Climate Change.

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Fam 1st Family Foundation. Oakland Technical High School. Richard Sherman. National Sports Journalism Center. New Orleans Saints. Image source: Seahawks.

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He was ordered to pay a fine, but was never arrested. Thanks for pointing out the error. The story has been corrected to reflect the facts as initially reported by the Associated Press. But one thing we should remember that they are playing a role model for their fans and people; therefore should not promote any bad behavior and mishaps. Here also we have go through the story of Lynch one of the well-known and popular player of American football; how he suffers from various critical situations.


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