Im single and 40

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You can meet a partner at any stage of life, says Mariella Frostrup. But to hold onto someone, you need to deal with your insecurities first. The dilemma I am a year-old chronically single woman. I have had a of short relationships, but only three lasting more than a year and my longest was three years.

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I was recently dumped after a few months and it has greatly impacted my self-esteem. One issue was his long stretches of non-communication four-day periods of non-response. Having experienced childhood abandonment which I told him aboutI could not accept this. Do I have to be perfect and ask for nothing to find a partner? Are my communication needs really too much? I am positive and celebrate others and their happiness. But if loneliness is my fate, how do I learn to be OK with it?

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I have begun planning for a life alone. I have accepted I will never be a mother. Yet, I am ashamed of how much the lack of a partner still saddens me. I am so scared that the last time I had sex is really the last time.

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First, be careful what you wish for. I was just a year younger than you when, at 39, after a similar dating history, I met my now husband and went on to have two children in my early 40s. Meeting a partner with whom your future collides, can and does happen at any age. If you look around for examples of enduring, happy unions, more often than not maturity of judgement will be a feature.

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You sound defensive about your right to a certain frequency of communication. Childhood abandonment so often le to insecurity and it has clearly left its mark on you. This is a stampede into dysfunction that you can easily call a halt to.

I'm 36, still single, and finally figured out why

Try to understand how this works, either through reading try Lifeshocks and How to Love Them by Sophie Sabbage or, better yet, consult a therapist about the residue of your unhappy experience in youth. Feeling secure about who you are and even sanguine about a future in your own company are two of the healthiest assets you can bring to the table.

Do you really want to step into a relationship defined by the past? The best thing about being single at 40 is that you are mature enough to take risks and push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

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If you have a dilemma, send a brief to mariella. Follow her on Twitter mariellaf1. Dear Mariella Relationships.

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Is my unhappy childhood to blame? Mariella Frostrup. Sun 9 Dec Topics Relationships Dear Mariella features. Reuse this content.

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Im single and 40

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Yes, I'm Still Single in My 40s — And I'm Fine With It