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I am santosh, aged 22 from Nepal. Active reader around here and also a newbie writer. So Please bear with me if there is any minor mistakes. Also I would like to thank everyone for awesome response on my story! Regarding the story it is about one of my neighbour milf.

I also want to dedicate this story to one of my reader who messaged me after reading this story. She is from delhi I shall never share any other details. Also if you are reading this story, let me know! So coming to the story, the heroine is a neighbour living few blocks away from our house. I have known her for over 10 years now. She was infertile so her husband married again and now lives with his new wife.

She cane to know about this 8 years ago and since then the neighbour aunt has grown really close to us, especially my mother. Everyday they would spend talking to each other about various stuffs. But everytime the topic ia about her husband she would cry. My mom would try to console her but it hardly would work. I too would sometimes try to calm her down. No talking about her she is aged around 42 years with an amazing figure of Approx.

Her boobs are really amazing but I liked her ass more.

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One can die to have a look at that! Her name is heera, and I would call her as aunty.

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And I has lust on her since I saw her topless one day. So back to the story. Heera aunty and my mom woukd meet every day. One fine morning I was sleeping late because it was my holidays. My mom called me and told that she and father were going out to attend a party. She also told me that she had asked heera aunty to get meal for me as well.

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I slept for some more time and woke up to my phone ringing. Heera aunty had called me to inform that it was time to have lunch. I told her I will be there soon. So I reached there in the next 20 minutes after getting fresh. I went to her place and she opened the door.

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She was wearing an gorgeous saari and her assets were clearly visible through it. Her pallu was barely hiding her cleavage. She saw me observing her and smiled. Me: Ah sorry, I just got amazed by seeing you in saari after long time. You usually wear normal dresses…. She then just smiled and started moving.

I closed the door and started following her. Now infront of me was the thing that I liked the most about her; her big fat ass. They were wiggling awesome to drive me crazy. My dick was getting hard but my Jeans pant was enough to hide it for now. We then went to dining table and had our lunch. I was often checking out her boobs. She would notice me and just smile as well. Afterwards she went to the kitched and washed the dishes and I helped her. We then came to hall and sat there! It was hot day so she asked if I would want to have some juice. I insisted that I would bring the juice and went to kitchen.

But things were dirty on my head. When heading back to the hall with the glasses I acted as if I was about to fall and spilled some juice over her. I asked her sorry and told I would clean the mess. She said its ok but I insisted to clean the mess.

I took the glasses and put it on the table. Then I told her there was juice over her and moved forward as to clean it. She said she would clean it herself but I said I was the one to mess it so I would clean Lonely mature fuck story as well. After some time she agreed to it. I started with her pallu and slightly moved it away as to clean her neck area. She resisted it a bit but I moved her pallu away, getting a clear view of her deep cleavage.

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I was mesmerized to see that but I was trying not to act quick to spoil things. I went to her neck area and starting cleaning it with a piece of cloth. I went close to her neck and started smelling her. By now she was heavily breathing but also trying hard to not let me know. I was unable to control myself now feeling her deep breathes so I started softly kissing her behind her neck area. She jumped inched and told me its wrong. She was continously telling its wrong, what are you doing and such.

But I kept on kissing her around her neck. She was not showing any physical resistence at all, so I took it a green al and kept going. Soon after to calm her down I went to her lips and started kissinng them. Her eyes were wide open and we were now looking at each others eyes.

Within fee second she too started responding to me. So we were passionately kissing each other now. After 5 minutes I moved my right hand to her boobs and started touching it.

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Me: Why do you worry auntyI am here for you now. Forget that rascal forever. I will fulfill your every desire now. She looked me right into my eyes for a minute and kissed me after that. We were again passionately kissing each other. The kiss lasted for 10 minutes. Then she got up. She winked at me and went inside her bedroom. I was confused about what she was gonna do. After 10 minutes she alled me to come inside by calling me out. I too went inside in a hurry.

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Lonely mature fuck story

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