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We update regularly with news, tips and points of view from our staff, so check back often. From its history as the first luxury hotel to be built on the Spice Island of Grenada in over 25 years, to its amenities, including the longest pool in the Caribbean, the two dive into the details that make our resort so very special. We invite you to listen to the story of Silversands Grenada by listening to the podcast here. The beauty of Grenada is everywhere: wherever you look, you can find something inspiring. Whether it's nature, culture, or the food, the island is filled with delightful surprises.

Grenadians are very proud of their roots and the diversity of their tri-island nation and many have turned their love for Grenada into art.

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She is a very talented young artist who is also a member of our Spa team here at Silversands. Rhennel paints many different subjects, some of our favourites include women, flowers, and marine life. Her preferred medium is acrylic paint with touches of coloured pencil to add dimension.

The piece displayed with this blog is a TheRhennelJosephProject original. Rhennel created this stunning piece using acrylic paint on canvas. It marries elements of Grenadian heritage, including the Nutmeg Lady with the Silversands Grenada resort. There are many reasons to start your new year off the right way. Silversands Spa has a large selection of rejuvenating services that will, without fail, give you that glow you're looking for.

Initially used in Ancient Egypt for treating inflammatory diseases, thermal therapy is used today in wellness practices to provide complete mental and physical relaxation. After enjoying one of our unique quartz sand treatments at the spa, keep the new year celebrations going strong.

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Grenada loves Christmas! December is a great time to visit—not only because of the warm temperatures—but also the many exciting holiday festivities that take place. Silversands is preparing to finish off the decade in style with a lineup of exclusive events between Friday, December 20th and Wednesday, January 1st, us for sunset cocktails, holiday caroling, beach lounge parties, and multiple themed dinners.

Christmas is a special holiday here in Grenada, and at Silversands we like to celebrate extensively! You can find a full schedule of the daily activities and details here. We hope that no matter where you spend your holiday season, it's one full of love and laughter. From all of us here at Silversands Grenada, we wish you very Happy Holidays! Proximity to the ocean has a proven positive impact on your health—the closer you are to the sea, the better your mind, body, and soul will feel.

Silversands Grenada is located right on the oceanfront and our spa services are deed to complement your wellness experience. Escape reality for a few hours while you indulge in our fiery sauna and opposing ice caves for a regenerative boost to the immune system before receiving traditional treatments such as our Silversands Massage and Natural Grenadian Facial. Many of the ingredients we incorporate into our treatments are organic and sourced right here from our island.

The Grenadian Facial includes accents of yogurt, honey, lime, and cucumber, leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturized. End your peaceful spa session with a dip in our private pool. You will leave the spa feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on whatever the universe brings your way. One of the most popular is a visit to Tower Estate, a beautifully restored Great House located on five lush acres in the heart of St. Paul's in the parish of St. George's, Grenada. Here, you can enjoy touring the historical estate home, featuring grand mahogany floors and ceilings, complete with period furnishings that transports you back to a bygone era.

The gardens are filled with a variety of fruit, spice and tropical wood trees, an organic farm plus fragrant floral gardens. A must when visiting the estate is to indulge in the Tower Estate traditional English afternoon tea service, complete with their unique blend of floral teas made from organically grown plants from the estate.

Tower Estate is located only a few minutes from Silversands Grenada. Reservations to this wonderful estate can be made by contacting Silversands Grenada Concierge. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if they are talking to us, we know that we would vote on Grenada time and time again as the most radiant island of them all! Although Grenada is just twenty-one miles long, it is vast with lush green trees, vivacious coral reefs, and extensive animal life around every corner. One of the biggest and most well-known parks is Grand Etang National Park, spreading over thirty acres and located just eight miles outside of the St.

This particular park has a large variety of ecosystems that will leave you feeling amazed at Mother Nature while you explore. You can easily travel between rainforests and woodlands to waterfalls and palm trees. Put on your hiking shoes, it is time you explore the great natural wonders of Grenada! However you choose to spend your days in Grenada, you will leave having had a transcendent experience. Whether lounging by the longest pool in the Caribbean overlooking the endless sea views or exploring the unspoilt beauty and natural splendour of the island.

Start your morning with an energising walk along the infinite Grand Anse Beach before breakfast. After a day spent around Grenada or around the pool, Grenadian Grill and the Beach Lounge, with handpicked menu items and handcrafted playlists, await. If you prefer, Asiatique —with attention to de aesthetics and aromatic Asian cuisine—may be your choice. End your evening with a nightcap in the sophisticated comfort of Puroour cigar and spirit bar. We think it's a fact that if you spot an island, you will most likely spot a boat. As July begins to set into full swing, just a short jump away on our sister island Carriacou, they begin to gear up the festivities for the 54th Annual Carriacou Regatta Festival.

A regatta is a series of boat races that typically takes place in the summertime here in the Caribbean Islands. This particular race draws a pretty big crowd for an island that is only inhabited by people. Many boaters from neighboring islands like Antigua and Tobago the competition to see if they have what it takes to win the title of best captain at the Carriacou Regatta. Muster all the spirit you have and in on the four-day-long event of cheering, dancing, and celebrating at the very beginning of August!

Not into boating? Not a problem! There is more to the regatta than boat racing. From donkey racing to maypole dancing to greasy pole walking and other exciting events, the regatta weekend is full of festivities and cultural celebrations for all ages to enjoy. There is a reason why vacations and libations rhyme. They are meant to go together like the sand and the sea. And if you want good rum, it's a fact that you should head straight south to the Caribbean. The Caribbean Islands are known for the delicious rum that is crafted in the heart of the ocean and even more so for the flirty drinks that are created from these crafts.

Grenada has one of the oldest functioning water-powered distilleries in entire the Caribbean, and it is definitely one of the strongest sugarcane concoctions that you can get Looking for a genuine sweet Grenada woman hands on. The River Antoine Rum Distillery produced their first bottle of rum in and has yet to stop ever since. River Antoine makes some of the strongest rum around and prides itself on that alone.

Take a tour through the oldest functioning water-powered distillery in the business and take a sip of this very powerful drink. If your plans this summer include a visit to the pristine beaches of Grenada, your timing may have hit Mother Nature gold.

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One of the things that we are most proud of here in Grenada is our respect for the earth and our island, as well as all the beautiful species that bless us with their presence each year. One of our favorite seasons is when the leatherback turtles set up their nests on Levera Beach in the northern parish of St. Patrick and wait for their golfball-sized eggs to hatch. Seeing these delicate babies find their way to the sea at dusk, is one thing that we locals will never get tired of! The prime season to see the hatchlings emerge is between the months of April and June.

Let us help you set up a tour during your summer visit to the sandy shores of Grenada, there is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing a miracle. Market Square is known as one of the best places to shop for souvenirs on the Island.

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The market is open to locals and visitors alike and is a great place to pick up some goodies from the Island of Spice. Grenada does not get its nickname from anywhere, this market also has a wide array of different spices, as well as local fruits and veggies. It is known as the largest market in Grenada and it is the busiest on the weekends. However, no matter which day of the weekend you attend, the vendors will be bustling with energy and ready to sell you nutmegs and local crafts.

Market Square can be found at the bottom of Grenville Street amongst the rocky ro and locals selling piles of tropical fruits and colorful gifts. Stop by the front desk before you venture out to get our most cherished vendor recommendations. There is nothing quite as sweet, as the balance between discovery and familiarity.

If there is one way to describe the island of Grenada, it is just that — a perfectly crafted country that brings two worlds together. Experience the thrill of diving deep into the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park or hike the Mombacho Volcano while also still encountering a welcoming, warm smile when you return and a friendly hello when you pass down any street.

Grenadians make sure that you feel good here, it is that simple. As one of the smallest nations in the entire world, it is important to us that everyone on the island is looked after like family. This precious piece of earth has been kissed by Mother Nature herself and the residents of the island intend to spread her love far and wide. If Grenada is not yet on your list of destinations to visit we strongly suggest you review your inventory and place a little extra attention on the 'Spice Island' and make the time to get to know Grenadians — you will be happy you did.

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Towards the end of my three-hour flight from Miami, I was looking out the window of the plane, anxious about what my first impressions of Grenada would be. The deep, rich blues of the ocean and the infinite shades of green of the mountains did not disappoint. We are very happy you are here. As I toured the island I was delighted by what I was seeing, nature has been so very generous with Grenada! From beautiful mountains to countless hidden coves and sprawling beaches, the island really is the Caribbean at its best.

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On the third day of my stay, I woke up very early and decided to take in the sunrise on Grand Anse beach. Little that I knew, I was about to discover what is best about Grenada. Even at this very early hour, there were many Grenadians walking the beach, jogging and exercising. Then the second walker repeated it, and then the third one smiled and used the same greeting. In my line of work, I am tasked with sharing what the ambiance of the hotel will be and how it fits within the local culture. From an architectural point of view, Silversands Grenada will be very different to its surroundings: an ode to modern hotel de set against the background of a calm beach and lush foliage and surrounded by structures of more traditional Caribbean architecture.

Where we will be completely connected to Grenada will be in our service style and hospitality. We will be bringing the warmth and approachability for which Grenadians are known. The island may be stunningly beautiful, but what really is best about it are the Grenadians themselves. It feels good here. Behind the Scenes of Silversands. A Glimpse Of Grenada. A Glimpse Of Grenada The beauty of Grenada is everywhere: wherever you look, you can find something inspiring. Get Glowing in

Looking for a genuine sweet Grenada woman

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