Military looking for marriage

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A Marine's Surprise Proposal!!!

Did you know a proxy marriage can allow you to be officially married without your ificant other even being present? There are plenty of reasons military marriage is complicated. Deployments, frequent moves and long training absences make planning the wedding difficult -- forget navigating the marriage itself. Marriage by proxy is one way to make the wedding less complicated. Available from a handful of states, proxy marriages allow couples to be officially married despite the challenges the military world might throw at you.

So how does it work? A proxy marriage is a way to be legally married while at least one of the members of the couple is not present. It doesn't have to take the place of a wedding ceremony later. This option can be particularly important to military couples, since many military benefits such as housing allowances and health care are available only to those who are officially husbands or wives.

Getting legally married also ensures that you will be able to receive help from the military should your ificant other be injured or killed in action.

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Those privileges are not given to girlfriends or fiancees, no matter how long the couple has been together. Proxy marriages are available only to military couples in Montana, Colorado, Texas and California. In Colorado, one person must be out of state or incarcerated. In California, only military service members who are deployed for war Korea doesn't count can be married by proxy. And in Texas one must be in the state and have a ed affidavit from the absent member. Montana makes it even simpler, as long as one of the participants is an active duty service member or a resident. It allows a process known as "double proxy marriage.

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Hiring a marriage proxy service, which officiates or "solemnizes" the marriage and makes the whole thing official, isn't always cheap. If you're looking to get a proxy marriage in California, Texas or Colorado, the best thing to do is head down to your local county clerk's office for exact information about fees and rules for proxy marriages. That's because while proxy marriage is legal in those states, each county may have its own specific processes and rules for securing one.

If you plan to have a double proxy marriage in Montana, you'll likely want to hire a service to help since you don't ever need to physically be in the state. For the latest military news and tips on military family benefits and more, subscribe to Military.

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I'm getting a divorce from my Marine Corps husband. Her plastic surgery went wrong, and now she needs a breast implant removal. But will Tricare pay?. Will Tricare pay for a tubal ligation? And are there any rules about how old you must be?

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The VA home loan program offers low-interest rates and an option for no down payment. But who is eligible for a VA loan? The Army is tweaking its retention program for next fiscal year, which starts Oct. Stu Scheller is "in pre-trial confinement" while he awaits an Article 32 preliminary hearing, a Marine Corps President Donald Trump empowered the three to serve as advisers and organizers at the VA despite not having U.

Deadlines for military family members and retirees using expired ID cards during the pandemic are approaching or have passed The uniform is a marked departure from the dress blues of the Air Force, from which the Space Force was spun off in InAlek Skarlatos gained a measure of fame when he helped disrupt an attack on a train bound for Paris.

The now-jailed Lt. Stu Scheller is hoping to strike a legal deal to avoid trial and leave the service with an honorable Spouse Relationships.

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View more. More Military Headlines. Helicopter and Plane Collide Midair in Arizona; 2 Killed Police are seeking any witnesses or people who may have filmed the ordeal.

Military looking for marriage

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