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With the debate on legalising cannabis back in the news, recreational use is increasingly seen as the harmless equivalent of winding down with a glass of wine. But the huge rise in women seeking help for marijuana addiction tells a different story. Margarette Driscoll investigates. This — essentially social — habit continued for several years.

Vicki left school, studied art and ed a de studio, where admitting a liking for the odd t was seen as no different to fancying a vodka and tonic. I felt it helped me to sleep properly.

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A surprising of women are finding themselves on that same slippery slope. Recent research by the University of York has found that the of women seeking help for cannabis addiction has risen by 60 per cent — from 1, to 1, — over the past decade. However, the true scale of female cannabis addiction may be much greater than the current figures suggest. Ian Hamilton, lecturer in mental health at the University of York, who led the new research, says that women are often reluctant to come forward for treatment, partly through embarrassment and partly because the detox programmes on offer are overwhelmingly aimed at men.

I am not sure middle-aged female cannabis users can identify with year-olds using heroin and crack. Marianne Faithfull may have made sharing a t and more with the Rolling Stones look glamorous, but a generation ago smoking marijuana was essentially a male activity, a kind of macho group bonding forged by passing it around and getting stoned. A glance at the conversation thre on Mumsnet shows that for many women, cannabis is their naughty little secret, a way of winding down once the kids are in bed, rather than pouring a glass of wine.

One mum says she knows lots of people with children who smoke dope occasionally — including her own parents.

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There, I said it. I like to go outside at night and watch the stars when the little one is in bed. So is that addiction or just enjoyment? The line can be confusingly close. In that respect, addiction is like an iceberg, he says. Some women do, genuinely, get hooked by accident. Cannabis that is prevalent on the streets now is estimated to be three times stronger than inso it is hard to know what you are buying. And the journey from starting cannabis use to developing problems is faster for women. Eytan Alexander has also observed a marked difference between men and women who come to UKAT for treatment.

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We use an abstinence-based programme and women often experience stronger withdrawal symptoms than men. Asking for help can be tough. I so want it not to be an issue. But the only way I seem to stop over-thinking is by rolling a smoke. Now in her 40s, she works as an adviser to women seeking help in coming off drugs. They tend to be consumed by neuroses. Where are they going to hide the stuff if the police pull them over? How can they hide their habit from their children?

But after more than ten years of smoking dope and knowing deep down she had become reliant on it she developed a knee problem and had five operations. She was given tramadol, a commonly prescribed opiate, to help cope with the pain and quickly swapped one addiction for another.

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Eventually some friends intervened when she slept in and missed a school event. Vicki completed a recovery programme and has been clean ever since. But she suspects that more women than we realise make the transition from illegal to prescription drugs. One woman in rehab says she thought smoking the odd t would be more acceptable than drinking.

So I thought I would be able to control how I behaved while using it. The Cannabis sativa plant also known as marijuana contains around chemical compounds in a resin produced by glands on its fibrous leaves. The two chemical compounds most relevant to the debate on legalising cannabis for medical use are tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and cannabidiol, or CBD.

THC is the psychoactive element that produces the high and can be addictive. CBD is not psychoactive and may have a of medicinal and therapeutic uses in the form of cannabis oil. Cannabis oil is legal in the UK if it contains less than 0. Earlier this summerCharlotte Caldwell fought a high-profile battle with the government to be allowed to administer cannabis oil with about two per cent THC, currently illegal in the UK, to her severely epileptic son. Charlotte argued that the Canadian doctor who most recently prescribed the cannabis oil for Billy had told her an adult could drink the entire six-month supply without getting high.

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No one knows exactly how or why this concoction calms instances of severe epilepsy, just that anecdotal evidence suggests that it does. Charlotte eventually won a special exemption allowing her to treat her son with the oil, administered three times a day as drops under his tongue. A similar exemption has been granted to the parents of six-year-old Alfie Dingley, who is also afflicted with epilepsy.

They moved to the Netherlands so their son could be treated with cannabis-based medicine but had to return to the UKUK when their money ran out. His seizures reduced from more than a month to fewer than ten. Medicinal cannabis is legal in Canada and will be legalised for recreational use in Octoberin 32 states of the USA and for certain conditions in 13 European countries.

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The first part of the review has found that cannabis can have therapeutic benefits for pain and in treating multiple sclerosis. Cannabis for recreational use will remain illegal in the UKbut the government says it will decide on whether the law prescribing medical cannabis should be changed in the next few weeks.

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Naughty women seeking sex Weed

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Mummy’s guilty secret: The huge rise in women seeking help for marijuana addiction