Or regular hook up

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You get to have sex. This is really the whole point. If you can handle hooking up without a commitment, this is the most stress-free way to go about it. Of course, some people will have several hookup buddies good on thembut most people can only handle one at a time. me up. With a hookup buddy, you can just let go.

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You get the comfort of sleeping with someone you know and care about without all the less convenient parts of a full-blown relationship. You just meet up, have some fun, and then continue living your life as normal.

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It keeps your down if you care about that kind of thing. If you want to get laid, but are also trying to keep those digits down, a hookup buddy is the best alternative. You get what you need while only adding one more to the pile. Having a hookup buddy is such a simple way to get laid. You still get to be selfish. Having a partner means you have to make compromises both inside and outside the bedroom. You can get each other off, have breakfast together in the morning if you want, and then do whatever the hell you want for the rest of the day.

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Or regular hook up

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The Grown-A#& Man's Guide to Hooking Up