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Advanced Search. This blog is moderated by Admin. Posts: For my sins, I am forced to spend a week alone in Noumea over Christmas this year, staying at a top shelf hotel. By the look of this forum it would seem it is going to be a very boring week with little action.

Have I read the scene correctly and does anyone have any suggestions for fun?

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Reply With Quote. Fun suggestions? Many times I hunted at a club called Pavillion Noir! If you are determined the success rate is very high though doesn't cone cheap! I managed to pick girls on many occasions to my house. My favorite was Amina! Beautiful and I fucked her many times. Damage usually cfp. One of the girl I fucked in Noumea. Attached Thumbnails. Noumea Just adding pics of the girls I fucked in Noumea. Noumea Noumea is one tricky down and you need creative work. It's easy to fuck old women often alcoholics. I share my experience. I think the best place to find a girl is at Baie des Citron, the night hot spot.

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You may have to buy girl drinks. Target the packed night clubs. I once went there and found a girl called Amina of mixed colour. Took her to my hotel but quite expensive. It cost me francs but was worthy it. I fuvkef her a couple of times.

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Second girl was Juliana. Met her at same club. Divorced woman. Not good looks and. Eddies I was so drunk. Took her to my place. She showered and shaved. Fucked in different positions. No money exchanged and I saw her one more time but she changed s.

Third girl, I won't mention a name. She lived not far from me. We met in a small bar and drunk and I took her to my room. Cuvier her, no money. She was looking for a good fuck and possibly tired from her husband. Well I was in town and went to that strip club mentioned by storm chaser. Nice place with 6 or 8 nice kiwi gals. Professional strippers very skilled and not into extras. But the place is closed Sun Mon Tues so you might get lucky But the prices are off the planet.

And a 15 min private dance was XPF! The gals get half so they are all happy. Originally Posted by Sudsoz. I am with our freind who just clears out to the Phils.! Originally Posted by Gentlemanpat. After hearing all the whining on this thread about Noumea being a zone of low mongerativity, I decided to hop in the car and go look for myself. Drive up Avenue de la Victoire double carriage-way uptown past the central police station and all the banks and hang a right immediately when the avenue begins to bend. Then another right takes you to E. Porcheron, a one-way street going back downtown.

On a Thur night at I hopped out for a closer look. One was a bloke, as in blatantly a normal-looking bloke, not even attempting to dress or look like a woman. I was swiftly able to give him to understand that I took a very dim view of that course of action. Next, a glimpse of the two TVs. These were half-caste Kanaks, quite spunky and nicely dolled up in mini-skirts. One even had a nice shapely arse, but the voice was a bit too husky for my liking. Lastly, the genuine girl. She was Kanak, well-built with big tits and arse, which I have a real weakness for. A cherubic face and a twinkle in her eye, a certain je ne sais quoi to indicate that, for her, the task ahead would not be an onerous one.

But I passed. I was only there for research, I told myself. I returned to my car, drove around the block, then did another pass along the same spot. Now only the three queers were there. In the intervening three minutes someone had come by and quickly scooped up the rootable Kanak girl. Next night Friday I returned for another survey. This time there were eight life-forms present, of which slightly over half 5 were definitely male.

Two of the females were eminiently fuckable, being half-caste Kanaks. I spoke to one about prices, and as I did so the other hopped into a big Toyota Land Cruiser that screeched to a halt beside us. I was able to ascertain that it is 5, francs for a suck and 10, for a fuck.

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Bidding them adieu, I drove around the block for a last lingering look, and noticed that one of the TVs had also just been scooped up. So there you go, lonesome Goro miners. There is regular street action in Noumea. But much better to go night-clubbing for freebies at the Baie de Citron entertainment strip and find yourself a drunk Kanak girl. Or for the voyeuristically inclined, sit quietly on the Baie de Citron beach for a while at the southern end. Please for more information. Noumea street walkers After hearing all the whining on this thread about Noumea being a zone of low mongerativity, I decided to hop in the car and go look for myself.

Posts: 1. There is no real night life here when it come to working girls.

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It like they guys say you have to try and hook up with a tourist at one of the many night clubs. They have just opened a strip club called Le Caberet near the cirlce at the yacht club behind mr bourff resturant. Very expensive. They had kiwwi girls working there for a while. Got to chat to the local bar lady coco. Awsome lady in her early 50 s with silicon tits but great sense of humour.

Yhays been proberly the most excitment I have had here in 2 years. Thats why on our 10 day break every month we go to Philipines or Thailand. I have to say that I found nothing in Noumea - absolutely nothing. There were a few nice bods getting around the beach and even a few frizzled old tits on display but no s of any action. Friday night I drove around all the so-called action areas around pm and there was no of life anywhere. I ended up crashing some function at the Nouvatel or whatever it is called at Anse Vata.

God knows what those guys do for kicks. And the place is expensive - typically about Euro5 for a can of beer or Euro10 for a pint. Food in restaurants is also expensive. Posts: 5. You may have some luck picking up a tourist or local at the various nightclubs around Anse Vata or Bai de Citrons area, but I doubt there would be any P4P about.

The area Kabo Sport refers to is in the Latin Quarter section of the city. Good luck, let us know how you go. Can anyone tell me if the hotels are girl friendly and give me some guidance on where to find freelance action. Judging by the response to Jiggy below I will not hold my breath. Noumea I went to New Caledonia for a few days. I only went to the capital Noumea. There really isn't much mongering to do in New Caledonia. I asked some taxi drivers and I even asked some pretty cool cops, some of which might sneak a drink while on duty.

They all said there are no strip clubs, or brothels. At least not in the Capital. I did see, and hear about some "Ladie Boys". You can find some and I hear they can be hired, but that's not my type of things. Some of them were obvious, and I saw one that had me and my friends fooled until a nightclub bouncer told us. New Caledonia is expensive for just about anything, and there really isn't that much to do. There are 2 casinos, but they are very small.

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There are some clubs, bars, and restaurants in that area that are pretty good. Maybe 2 kilometers from there, there is a club on a pier. That is a nice club on the weekend. The only unique thing about New Caledonia is they speak French there, and they have a local Island people call Kanak's.

About the only reason to go there in my mind, is maybe observing the French culture. The people on New Caledonia have a different, more relaxed attitude than the french people. It can be very costly to get to New Caledonia, I would recommend Australia instead.

Private sex girls New Caledonia

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