Savannah stone webcam

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Savannahs are among the largest ecosystems in the world.

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us as we go on a savannah safari and learn how YOU can help save this amazing savannah habitat! Google one of the animals on the list below. If your phone is compatible, you should see a card that look like this:. Savannahs are flat grasslands with scattered trees and shrubs. This part of the world gets more direct sunlight than anywhere else, so the temperature is warm, all year round! Savannahs only have two seasons instead of four — wet and dry. This is because seasons there are defined by how much rain falls. During these rainy months, a savannah can get 50 to cm of rain!

This soggy weather helps the grasses that grow there to flourish — creating a habitat where different animals and birds can thrive.

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Plants that grow in savannahs have to be able to survive long periods without rain. So, Savannah stone webcam have long roots that can reach far down into the earth for water, and trunks that can store moisture. Some grasses on savannahs have developed a nifty method of survival — they have a bitter flavourdeed to deter snack-seeking creatures! No two zebras have the same pattern of stripes — they all have unique markings! African wild dogs like hanging out together in packs of 10 to They hunt together too, tackling antelopegazelle and larger prey — such as wildebeests — especially if the animal is ill or injured.

These dogs are good runners and can sprint at speeds of over 70kmph! Sadly, African wild dogs are endangeredbut conservation groups are working hard to save this furry species! In the Mara Riverhungry crocodiles wait to snatch the wildebeest attempting to cross the river — eek! Cheetahs are usually found roaming the open, grassy savannah plains of Africa.

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Sadly, cheetahs are threatened by loss of habitat and prey, as well as conflict with humans. The good news is that conservationists are working hard to help these awesome animals. Black rhinos have special pointed lips that help them pluck leaves and fruit from the branches of bushes and trees. They can often be found lying in the shade to escape the hot savannah sun, or wallowing in a muddy water hole — the mud helps the rhinos cool off, and works as a natural sun lotion!

Today, conservation efforts across Africa have helped bring this brilliant creature back from the brin k of extinction — wahoo! When a predator kills an animal, vultures keep a look out and swoop down to gobble up any leftovers! Climate change and poaching may threaten our savannahs, but there are tons of incredible people working hard to protect them and the awesome animals that live there…. They used special equipment to record sounds the elephants made in the wild, then used AI artificial intelligence to help work out the best way to protect the beautiful beasts from poachers!

By providing all the resources to help parks, the group are in a better position to tackle poaching and other issues. They recently removed over 5, hunting snares from Liwonde National Park and have relocated elephants! Great news!

Do you feel inspired to help protect them?

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Send them a funny joke every day for a week or even a month! You can protect our amazing savannahs by helping to prevent climate change.

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All these little things add up and will help make a difference! Help raise awareness of the savannah animals that need our help by writing a story about them. You could also consider adopting an endangered savannah animallike the black rhinothrough a wildlife charityand inspire others to do the same!

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Cut cardboard into 10 rectangles. Leave one side of the cards blank, and draw a cool creature on the other side — making two cards for each animal. Once you have five pairs of cards, mix them up and place them face down. Then flip over two cards at a time and try find the matching pairs! Remember gang, if we all work together, these amazing habitats and the animals that live in them can get the protection they need.

While you wait for it to be checked and approved why not to add a pre-selected message and a cool badge. Ask a parent or guardian to check it out first and remember to stay safe online. See all. Save our savannahs! Super habitat! Wonderful wildlife!

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Wild dogs African wild dogs like hanging out together in packs of 10 to Cheetahs Cheetahs are usually found roaming the open, grassy savannah plains of Africa. Black rhinos Black rhinos have special pointed lips that help them pluck leaves and fruit from the branches of bushes and trees.

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Planet protectors! How YOU can help! Save energy! Raise awareness! Save Avatar Randomize.

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Home Is Good Get messy, explore and appreciate nature, all from the safety of home! How to make Arctic Art! Learn how to paint the perfect polar picture…. How to make a water clock Head back in time with this cool science experiment! Spread some cheer! Easy ways to spread some happiness in your community….

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Savannah stone webcam

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