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But in U. Sometimes, the fight gets ugly. The rhubarb in Minden, Neb. Other parents, boys say girls while agreeing it was should have unfair, told Fritson, the opportunity Youll get used to it. Four years later, Fritson has won her campaign to start a girls varsity softball team just as daughter Sarah Casper leaves for college.

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It took a class-action lawsuit, the first of four such suits in in my opinion Nebraska. All were settled this summer by consent decree, with schools agreeing to start teams and provide facilities and equipment equal to those enjoyed by boys.

Fritson and parents in the other three towns spent years jumping through hoops set up by school boards, says Kristen Gallas, a Washington, D. They started club teams to demonstrate interest one even won a state championship. They raised their own funds. Some even offered to fund the school varsity team for three years. But the answer always came back no.

Some administrators said, This is the way its always been, Gallas says. Others declared that football programs would suffer because of girls softball. I thought I had all these friends, Sarah recalls, and all of a sudden they wouldnt look at me. After three frustrating years, Fritson weary of obscene phone calls at 2 a. When Naomi stood up, Gallas says, the parents in the other towns ed her. None had heard of Title IX, which forbids sex discrimination in federally funded schools.

Yet ultimately, this law gave the schools incentive to settle. The past decades boom in coed teams for younger kids means more girls are playing sports. Injust one girl in 27 participated in high school sports; inone girl in three plays.

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More people now are questioning the traditional male emphasis in school sports. Right, dad Dean Casper. After all, some pointed out, in some sports the boys team is the only team. Schools face some tough decisions, and many dont want to make them unless theyre forced, says Maty Curtis, associate director of womens athletics at the University of Iowa. Title IX was enacted inbut most schools ignored it for 20 years, Curtis says. As for Sarah, I learned how standing up for something you believe in can cause lots of problems, and how things can get a whole lot worse before they get better.

You see just how much people hate change. C3 ByGinaPera My school had only a boys hockey team. Then one year a grl wanted to play and there was controversy! It turned out she became one of the most respected players. Now we have a girts hockey team, land the cheerleading squad is open to guys. I love just being part of a team, having fun, hitting people.

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At first, they gave me the wrong practice time. Some of my teammates just didn't want me around.

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Guys get respect based on the fact that they are big and strong and can defend themselves. Girls get respect because of the way Wjf they act their attitude or just little ' things like the way they dress. T know many girts who can beat me in sports.

BWhen we play volleyball in PE, the boys dont let the girts touch the ball. They think gits are too dumb to play sports. Rather than standing around, we talk.

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I would rather have a class by ourselves. That way, we could play. Wctiowl Vega Roooordwr. Franco Setaza UH. Gender Gap survey also available at http:Www. To subscribe: Cal A Try it free. Get access to this with a Free Trial. Next. Get access to Newspapers. Exclusive d content from premium publishers like the The Messenger Archives through last month Continually updated.

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Sex chat imm Madisonville

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