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Jonathan Carver, plant supervisor, said he will not comment while the matter is under investigation. What is racist about that comment? Are you trying to say that black lives are now important than everyone else? She is right get over yourselves and quit whining. But you see no one wants true statistics. The best way to end this is to stop talking about it. We are all Americans period. Cops are supposed to protect people not murder them unless you actually see a weapon. These cops are killing people based on the color of their skin. They made the workplace hostile by bringing their feelings to workplace.

People need to stop being so sensitive. That isnt a race card being played.

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And fyi those are facts. For the last time stop trying to change the narrative.

USPS: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

No one is saying black lives ONLY matter. You have a responsibility as a supervisor. If you are a racist away from work, you will be one at work. Sorry I do agree with what he posted. ALL lives matter!!!

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Unfortunately the police who do portray that type of behavior are abusing their power behind their shield! Point of this post… ALL lives matter!!! Black, Brown, yellow, white. ANY race or color!!!!! People are people we ALL have feelings regardless of our … ». Be excellent to one another and love our country as it loves us!

God loves us all equally, no matter what color, race, gender, or religion God wants us all to follow him! God bless everyone! Amen to this…. God loves us all equally and he will Judge the injustice. No such thing as a good american or bad american im just person living in america.

I wish we had that day. Tell steanger i luv you. We are the human race! Ee have that technology our fingertips!

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You see how BLM and Antifa come out of the closet before elections and kill, right? I wonder why? Having an Arsenio … ». Teach your children how to live in God way the right way and treat people as you want to be treated. But if this supervisor was black no problem! I have supervisors on my and they post horrible stuff. Like all that support Trump should die! Nothing why? Because of the color of their skin. One supervisor posted all white people are ignorant! Just imagine a white supervisor saying that! Privacy Policy. The supervisor has been placed on administrative leave. Notify of.

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Sheri Hunt. Reply to Bobby. Real talk. Reply to Faith. You may lose the post office. Trump does not support the post office.

Sex chat women works at the postoffice

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Sex chat women works at the postoffice