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Ah, lovely Scotland! From the daring Highlands to the southern Lowlands, Scotland has produced plenty of tales about real-life Scottish heroes since the days of the Roman Empire! The story of Scotland is truly a story of resistance in the face of oppression. It's the story of courage in the face of adversity. It's also the story of kilts! We love tales of heroes like William Wallace We also get swept up unto tales like Outlander, the Diana Gabaldon book series, which also focuses on Scotland's rich history. But we really get fascinated by kilts!

Call us crazy, but we love costumes and all of the different garment styles that go into crafting an iconic outfit and the Scottish kilt has to be one of the best pieces of traditional wear that we've ever seen! That's why we put together a collection of our favorite Scottish costumes, which include plenty of kilt costumes! Our Scottish themed costumes start with William Wallace! Yes, we have plenty of officially d Braveheart costumes to help you express your love of freedom. We carry both high-quality replicas, along with simpler outfits based on the film. We even carry female William Wallace costumes for any women out there who want to cosplay as the iconic hero from history.

Pair that with our toy swords and you'll be ready to reenact the Battle of Stirling Bridge! We also carry a selection of classic Scottish-style outfits for those looking for something a little more traditional looking. They feature plenty of plaid patterns, kilts and everything you need to recreate the look of traditional Highland dress. We carry styles for both men and women and even plus sizes, so our Scottish costumes are all-inclusive, for anyone who wants to dress like their favorite people from history!

Finally, we have various humorous costumes based on Scottish outfits! Have you ever seen a Scotsman wearing a kilt and wondered what exactly was under there? Like, are they wearing underwear or are they just rolling free as the wind? Well, one of our "What's Under that Kilt" costumes are a fun way to answer that question.

It is, of course, adult humor, so they aren't the sort of costume that you'd want to wear around grandma or the kids, but if you're looking for a costume that's a little edgier, then one of our funny Scottish Costumes might just be for you! If you're a fan of Braveheart, Outlander, or a just of Scottish culture in general, then you might feel right at home wearing any of our Scottish costumes!

With sizes and styles for men, women, and kids, anyone can become a real Highlander! We feel you! Now, we don't have access to any time travel standing stones, but we have some fabulous Scottish costumes. You don't even have to have access to any gemstones to buy them! All you need to do is purchase the style that's right for you, and your Celtic costume will show up at your door in a matter of days.


To help you make the right choice, we'll inform you about the different tartans and the reasons behind the distinct Scottish style. We'll also sprinkle in some traditional details that you can add to your Scottish attire for an extra authentic feel. Whether you end up in a Scottish kilt costume or a tartan suit that's perfect for the streets of Edenborough, you're sure to find the right Scottish dress-up ideas in the content below!

Yes, yes.

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Most people are here for the kilts. We get it! The kilt is a pretty magical clothing item. Used while herding sheep in wet weather, tossing cabers, and marching into battle, the kilt has become an icon of the highlands. But there is more to Scottish style than the kilt. Specifically, tartans!

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Wearing one of the dapper tartan suits on our site can be an excellent choice for Scottish festivals or a trip to the highlands. While traditional Scottish garb for women consisted of layers of ankle-length tartan, you can have a lot more fun with your Scottish attire this Halloween! Our d women's Braveheart warrior costume will place you square in the center of a highlander brawl with perfectly draped tartan and a knee-length skirt.

An outfit that you'll want to break out for Ren Fairs as well as costume parties, this look will be a favorite for any fan of Scotland and freedom! If you're looking for more traditional Scottish dress-up ideas for women, this lovely Scottish Lassie costume will make you look timeless. The classic plaid is draped in a more flattering and manageable version of what traditionalists would call the belted plaid.

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If you're dressing up in Scottish fashion for your next Ren Faire, you have a few fashion choices to make. For one, keep in mind that the Scottish were not the most popular of folks in the courts during the time of Henry the 8th, so be sure and avoid too much nobility. Still, wearing your plaid in the belted fashion will make you look the most timeless. Avoid the modern tall, bagpipe caps called feather bonnets. Those gained popularity in the s and will look out of place among garments of the s.

Instead, opt for simpler clothes. Like most peoples of the Medieval era, Scots lived a pretty hand-to-mouth life. If tartans were worn, they were a simple weave of two or three earth tone colors.

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They didn't yet wear the luxurious belted plaid ensembles seen in Braveheart. If you're integrating plaid into your ensemble for a highland touch, a cloak is a great way to pay tribute to the era while announcing that you're not one of those English tyrants! Of course, you could just have fun and go full William Wallace in one of our exclusive Braveheart costumes!

If you can see yourself working with the clans to escape the tyranny of the British, you're going to need a tough outfit. Scotland has a history of Scottish warrior women. Take Boudica, for instance. Often pictured wearing leather armor, she led troops to oppose the invading Romans and had them on the run for long enough to win herself a place in history.

This winter warrior costume would be a great way to represent the warrior Sexy Highland women. Add your own face paintbraids, and a shield to complete your battlefield-ready look! When you're heading out to toss the caber, you need to let your opponents know that you're serious. Nothing says that you don't know how to toss a whole tree trunk like showing up in jeans! How's a Scot supposed to stay dry on the highlands in denim? If you want to look like a true Scot, you've got to be prepared for the action and the elements.

That's why the kilt was invented in the first place. From wrangling sheep to hiking over the bens in sleet and rain, there's nothing like a kilt to get you through. And sure, our kilts might not be made of handwoven wool, but they'll sure make you look like you know what you're doing. One more thing? When tossing the caber, be sure and lift with your knees! We've been referencing the Celtic culture throughout this piece, but we haven't talked about what the Celtic culture includes. Once a collection of tribes that controlled much of Europe up until the Alps.

They were pushed to the British Isles by the Romans where they stood strong and still exist to this day! This means that Celtic dress covers a range of styles from the traditional dress of Ireland, Wales, and of course Scotland! If you're looking for a general Celtic ensemble, layer a cloakbelt a tunic, and pull up some wool socks. Herding sheep, eating haggis, standing up to tyranny.

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This Big Shot Scot costume is the perfect look for costume parties. It repurposes the classic kilt pouch officially called a sporran for a shot glass holder so that you have a built-in conversation starter. Sure, serving a scotch like Glen Levitt to everyone at the party might be above your pay grade, but anything served from a guy in a kilt is sure to have that authentic peaty taste of the highlands! A popular uniform for the cover of bodice rippers, the kilt isn't only a practical woolen garment. Style it the right way and it can be quite sexy!

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The kilt costume pictured can be worn with or without the included lightweight long-sleeved shirt.

Sexy Highland women

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