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Nowadays, social media is a huge part of society. You probably already have some type of social mediabut having ones specific to your cam life or adult work is very important. Not only can you connect with fans, but you can also connect with other models and even meet new fans. With so many different social media platforms out there, it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to start or even how to start.

This makes it easier for fans to find you on social media as well as on Google and other search engines. The most popular platforms models use are Twitter and Instagram. The best place to start is Twitter. Twitter is a massive platform that is, as of now, adult-friendly; which means you can post explicit photos and links. It can be a bit difficult to grow there at first, but once you start following other models and companies and making connections with people, it gets a lot easier. There are things on Twitter like retweet groups and engagement groups you could to get more exposure.

The downside to retweet groups is that they can clutter your with s other than yours, and you really want people to see you and find your links and content. Engagement groups are better because you can connect with other models, make friends, and boost exposure for all of you while keeping your about you.

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Instagram is the next most popular site that models use. The only big downside is that they are not adult-friendly so you need to be careful with what you post, the things you say, and the links you put in your bio. Your link can get flagged, which in turn means your profile can get flagged or taken down.

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You really want to keep your tags PG because this will help you get seen on those tags and prevent you from being shadowbanned. Shadowbanning is when a platform like Twitter or Instagram makes it harder for people to find you and see your content. People who already follow you may not see your posts very often. This makes it very hard to grow and gain followers because nobody is seeing you.

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Try to post things that will get people engaging with you as much as possible because more engagement means more people will see your posts. Sharesome and AVNStars are a bit different in the sense that they are sites specifically deed for adult content and adult workers, including cam models. This means that you have a lot more freedom in the things you can say and post. You can use adult hashtags, post adult links, and talk about adult things without the worry of being deleted or shadowbanned.

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Although these platforms are much smaller than places like Twitter or Instagram, they are still places you can have a presence on and grow. Now that you know a bit about the platforms you can use, how can you utilize them to grow your cam audience? Is it just a chill night? Maybe you have a game planned or have a special show in mind. We know it can seem like a lot of information and it can be a bit overwhelming to start off and try to grow yourself and your fanbase, but once you figure out what works for you, it gets easier.

How one person runs their social media and what platforms they use will be different from another person. Have a tip or question about how social media can help build and advance your cam career? Let us know in the comments below! post. Next post.

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Social network cam girls

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